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We love to stay in touch.  Use our contact form below to sign up to our newsletter.

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we use Instagram, Facebook & X (Twitter).

And if you'd like to find out more about Cumbria Printmakers, including membership, workshops, individual tuition and more, continue reading.

Some of our members also offer individual tuition or bespoke group tuition; let us know what you'd like to learn, and we'll put you in touch with the right person.

For schools, colleges and education provision, we can connect you with experienced printmaking teachers who offer education provision tailored to your needs. Please get in touch.




& Events

If you are a venue and are interested in working with us to host a printmaking event in Cumbria or further afield, we'd love to work with you.

We are always keen to collaborate with both business and community ventures to champion printmaking through exhibitions, events and workshops, to inspire and bring printmaking to new audiences.

Cumbria Printmakers are a dedicated group of individuals, connected through our love of printmaking.

We are a co-operative of artists and the group is run as not-for-profit. We ask each member to help as much as they can with the running of the group, particularly encouraging members to seek opportunities for the group as a whole - making connections with other organisations and events, instigating outreach work and organising exhibitions, are all examples.



As a member you can expect

  • To connect with other printmakers from across Cumbria with opportunities for social meet-ups, skill share meets and discussion groups - anything print related!

  • To get the opportunity to be listed on the Cumbria printmaker's website directory which has excellent public exposure.

  • To be invited to show your work in our group exhibitions and receive invitations to previews of other print and art events.

  • To pay a reasonable annual fee due on 1st January each year. (eg £25 for 2023) This goes towards costs involved in publicising and running our events, and buying materials for public workshops.

  • If you teach printmaking workshops or run events, you'll be able to advertise these on our website too. You'll also be able to run workshops organised through Cumbria Printmakers.

  • To show willingness to help out where possible.


Contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you

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