We will be exhibiting at John Muir Gallery, Pitlochry Oct 8th-31st 2021


We will be exhibiting at

The Beacon, Whitehaven. 9th Oct 2021-Jan 22

John Muir Gallery, Pitlochry


Every one of us is committed to printmaking, whether it’s from the cowshed on a farm, table at the back of the stables, the back bedroom, or from dedicated studio space. The disciplines are diverse; etching, cyanotype, mono printing, linocutting, drypoint, screen printing, blind embossing. We each find our way to express our creativity.

Several of our printmakers visit Scotland on a regular basis, the wilder the space the better it seems, with sketchbooks and paints and many hours of sitting watching and recording the shifting light, clouds and tides.

This exhibition has brought into focus the importance of togetherness in our artistic endeavours, to show our love of the landscape and a collective feeling of joy and energy in being able to do so.

The Beacon Museum, Whitehaven


9th October 2021 – 2nd January 2022

Cumbria Printmakers Exhibition

The Beacon's upcoming exhibition showcases the work of Cumbria Printmakers, celebrating the diversity of printmaking in Britain today. The exhibition explores a variety of printmaking methods and techniques, providing an opportunity to understand more about printmaking, from mezzotints, etchings, collagraphs, lithographs, woodcuts, and many more.


Some of the work is for sale, so come and enjoy the pieces.s and take something unique home with you.

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