Welcome to Cumbria Printmakers

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We are individuals scattered all over Cumbria, from Carlisle down to Grange and from St Bee's to the Eden valley. We do however, manage to meet, organise workshops and exhibit to promote printmaking and inspire beginners and new audiences.


Every one of us is committed to printmaking, whether it’s from the cowshed on a farm, table at the back of the stables, the back bedroom, or from dedicated studio space. The disciplines are diverse; etching, cyanotype, mono printing, linocutting, drypoint, screen printing, blind embossing. We each find our way to express our creativity.


Bringing Artists Together

Cumbria Printmakers are a group of artists who all work together, contributing to the group, helping each other develop as artists, both professionals and inexperienced. We always welcome new people and believe in unlocking creative potential in everyone. We offer workshops to encourage the inexperienced and skills sharing for professionals.
Whatever level you are at, if you are interested in printmaking, you are welcome.

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Artist Sketching


Cumbria Printmakers champion printmaking through exhibitions, events and outreach activities. The group supports artists, promotes printmaking and collaborates with our partners and the local community to develop courses and workshops which make printmaking accessible for everyone.