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Hadrian's Wall 1900 at Florence Arts Centre, Egremont, 12 November - 18 December 2022

Florence Arts Centre, Florence Mine, Sherwens Terrace, Egremont, West Cumbria CA22 2NR and online at

12 th November – 18 th December (Friday - Sunday)

A collaborative print for Hadrian’s Wall 1900 has bought together 60 printmakers from 3 studios across northern England for a truly unique exhibition. Each printmaker has responded to their own stretch of the wall, co-creating a print interpreting the full 80 Roman miles of the wall. There are original artworks, cards and gifts for sale.

This project has been a great opportunity for artists to respond to a new challenge, to really get to know a section of Hadrian’s Wall and in doing so explore their own printmaking practice. It is fascinating to see how everyone has found something different to focus upon in their print - landscape, archaeology, nature - all the things that make a visit to Hadrian’s Wall such a special experience.

The exhibition includes almost every printmaking process you can think of including fine examples of linocuts, woodcuts, monoprints, screenprints, etchings and more with each artist giving an insight into how they approached their work.

The bringing together of 60 artists - professional, beginners or accomplished amateurs to make one large artwork - epitomises what the three studios are about, bringing people together around a shared interest in printmaking – and what’s more we get to celebrate the wonderful landscape and heritage of the region.

The exhibition is a partnership between Northern Print (Newcastle), Florence Arts Centre (west Cumbria) and Linden Print Studio (Carlisle) as part of the Hadrian’s Wall 1900 festival. Hadrian’s Wall 1900 celebrates the 1900th anniversary of the beginning of the construction of Hadrian’s Wall. It will commemorate 1900 years of history of the UNESCO World Heritage Site (WHS), recognised locally, nationally, and internationally, as a cultural and historical asset of Outstanding Universal Value to humanity.

The year-long 1900 festival has been funded by Heritage Fund UK and North of Tyne combinedAuthority and is supported by Arts Council England, Historic England and Northumberland CountyCouncil.

About Florence Arts Centre

Florence Arts Centre is a unique community arts hub blossoming from an historic iron ore mine in west Cumbria. Offering exhibitions, art and craft workshops, pottery, films, music and a small café, it’s a creative place where everyone can feel at home. Florence Paintmakers are based here, producing and made artist-quality paints and pastels from natural earth pigments.


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